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We are a team of creative experts who specialize in Interior design, Architectural Design, and 3D Visualization!

Ethan Teo

Creative Director

Our Mission

We are focused on making quality Interior Design available to all sectors, for every places in the world. 

Having our team based in Malaysia, a multi-racial country, we are expert in creating design to match with different cultural belief and design tastes!

We believe that having Interior Design experience-able is where everyone is able to understand the outcome, and therefore appreciate design, making more space livable.

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Extraordinary Experiences

Since 2019, our designers have been working with clients from different countries, range from Malaysia, Singapore, China, and all the way to Germany!

Every personal from the team have been trained to adapt with different culture, local design styles and beliefs. All of the effort just to create a better design to match with your taste! 🙂

Our Core Values

Here are the values we work on, and live with: