How do Interior Designers help create your dream space Online?

It is known that Interior Designers can handle your design, renovation or turn-key projects without too much hassle from their clients. However, there are limits where your local designers might not be able to deliver your desired design or complete your project on time.

Good Interior Design firms are often not in your area, and are mostly charging a higher rate if it requires long travel distance! This might pull you back from getting the best services. With the aid of the 5G era, below are services Interior Designers can provide you Online!

1. Budget Planning

Designers can consult and plan your budget online. With your budget forecasted, designers will be able to create designs according to your budget to make sure you do not spend more than the projected cost!

2. Design Theme Proposal

Online Designers can help find your design taste and confirm overall design style and theme on a mood board! Discussions can be done online via video calls or instant message discussion.

3. Layout Plan Design

Online designers can design your layout plan online. Movement flow, spatial usage, ergonomics, fengshui, sun orientation, wind flow and many more elements are to be considered in order to create a layout plan that suits your needs!

4. 3D Visualization

3D Designers and visualizers can produce photo-realistic 3d renderings so that you can view the design before it is built! Design studio like is able to produce 3D Virtual Tour so that users are able to experience the design in 360!

5. Color and Material Selection

Online designers can consult & propose the best color & material choice that best matches the proposed design! In most cases, clients will choose identical color/material in the local market if what online designers proposed is not available. There are always room for discussion!

6. Construction Drawings

Provided with detailed measurements, online designers can draft detailed drawings for construction use so there is no miscommunication with your local builders!

In this 5G era, great designers from different countries can be accessible from a few clicks, and site coordination with builders or contractors can be done virtually as well! This allows you to take advantage of the speed and pricing, while getting high quality designs. It’s the best of both worlds!

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