Virtual Gallery: A virtual space for Artists to showcase online

With the ongoing global pandemic, local authorities and countries have been restricting movements for most of the industries and sectors to avoid wider spread of virus among people. With people staying at home, the usage of virtual tour have been skyrocketing in housing industries and different storeowners!

Today, let’s take a look at a special collaboration project, a Virtual Gallery. The Gallery space was designed by for a digital art series – ‘Light’, by a Malaysian Artist – Yan Wai Chun, hosted by 360mage.

An overview of the Virtual Gallery – ‘Light’

‘Light as a symbol of hope? What do you see? Light and shadow portray the current state of affairs in both digital and physical world.’ – y.wc

The series title ‘Light’, can be interpreted differently in his art, so designers from created a gallery featuring a pond of water, reflecting a circle of light on the ceiling, creating a strong sign for the ‘light’ while complementing Yan’s artworks.

Pond of water reflecting light in the middle of the gallery space, complementing the showcased artworks.
Modern minimalist interior design to emphasize the artworks.

After seeing the previews of the space and artwork, you must be interested to experience it yourselves! Clink on this link or the image to go to the online hosted virtual gallery!

Online hosted virtual gallery by 360mage

For those who love the digital artworks by Yan Wai Chun, the masterpieces are available for bidding online! Check them out via this link.

For more info about the online gallery design project, click on this link.

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